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Lumpsum Scheduling

All Industry specializes in providing customized scheduling services based on the needs of the customer and the specific project or turnaround.

You know in advance what the costs are of setting up and maintaining the scheduling service.

Through our simple workflow you can make a product request. Through this product request we as All Industry get the right product details to be able to give advice for a good package choice from the scheduling matrix

The scheduling matrix is designed to determine the correct need of detail or output level of the Project or Turnaround in question.

This ensures that there will always be a whole to manage at a high level and that the actual need remains leading. As a result, efficiency will reach the highest level and effectiveness will be maintained.

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All Industry delivers customized scheduling advice, such as naming the scheduling and project objectives and the right way to work towards these. Our experience in the field of Projects and Turnarounds is very useful to set up the planning, scheduling and cost structure in advance and to control these during the entire duration of the Project or Turnaroud.

Our advice can consist of the following:

Risk Analysis: We go through the entire scope of the Project or Turnaround and see where at that moment the biggest risks lie that can affect the execution.

Schedule check: We walk through the entire schedule before the start of the Project or Turnaround and check everything for quality. This way we remove errors made by the scheduler from the schedule so that they no longer affect the lead time.

Schedule assistance: If there is a major overrun during execution and the schedule can no longer be used to properly manage the project or turnaround, we can provide the necessary support to quickly create a Fit for Purpose schedule or improve the current schedule.